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Deeea story

   Deeea tender by the French Accor Group on pure vegetable products Take fluids and devoted  hemselves to developing a deep understanding of the essence of humanism Cosmetics, is a human, natural and perfect high-tech skin care financing The culmination of joint. Also led the entire essence hair accessories Development.
   Pure and natural plant essence cosmetics cosmetics, all from deeea the development of the brand found inspiration. The deeea Kennedy Letter, all the skin problems can be found in the natural answer From land filled with natural beauty and bounty of nature constantly Screenshot
Take care inspired by organic products more than membership Acura body, mind, One of the tenets of the soul, for the people to bring health trust deeea Both the unique health and beauty skin care experience

The beginning of a beautiful legend

Jiao Ya group(China) Limited


   United States means not only a beautiful appearance. It is emitted by the skin's luster, it is a consciousness to be awakened, it is more
Is the body, mind and soul of the performance of harmonious integration. deeea Jiao Ya sure every female friend is beautiful
The. We hope that through continuous innovation, with the highest quality, most scientific products for female friends to provide services.
So that she could for their beautiful and proud.
   Johnson 2009 deeea French Accor Group Asia Pacific, after a year of maturity of the Asia Pacific region
Core - the French established in Hong Kong deeea Jiao Ya Group (Hong Kong) Limited in December 2010 in China with
Name of the four ancient capitals and the historical and cultural city of Nanjing, said the establishment of the China Business Center: Nanjing Jiao Ya makeup
Products Limited. Development in Asia ready.
    deeea Jiao Ya so you can have the charm of France. China here we come .......