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   In 1878, professor of bioengineering at the University of Bordeaux, France dermeran titjea, in the laboratory
Where the reasons for the photosynthesis in plants and found that cells secrete aromatic molecules, together
Into a one sachet, scattered petals, leaves or tree trunks. But to refine these Sachet
Too hard too hard to extract, after 10 years of experiments in 1888 he finally succeeded, he extraction plant
Flavor. Flavor is composed of very small molecules, making them vulnerable to infiltration in the skin, has a strong
Volatile and corrosive strong, comprehensive response must be before they can be used, the difficulty of the purification
Large, a small amount, and soon was at the time of the French aristocracy respected, many skin care brands that each application
Result, and multiply out to the world one brand in the world.
        1935, 87-year-old professor of dermeran titjea death, his son inherited pure vegetable products
Testing method to produce essential oils, pure plant extracts, collagen and other high-end skin care raw materials, as
The memory of his father, with the initials of his father set up a deeea Jiao Ya deeea Biotechnology
That many companies and pharmaceutical companies, for the French perfume, French cosmetics lay
A solid foundation.
        At the time of the French, to reflect the identity of the privileged class, there must be representative of the class material
Products, and special spices to add a natural skin care products has become a fine representative of the Church and the aristocracy
Symbol of God. Has been enjoyed by a small group of people. Can use aromatherapy essential oils and plant care
Supplies, that is the right representative. Aromatic derivatives from the crowd in this part of the hair by leaps and bounds
Development. Passage of time, over the past few decades, plant natural spices magical charm more and more people
Understanding, not only in-depth people's daily lives, but also entered the industry, the medical field. Now long
Hustle and bustle of city living person, call from your heart health, love of nature's fresh flavor.